Real Estate Fraudsters Trying to Clear Up Their Names With Fake WordPress Sites

It tends to place a crimp in one's real estate business if Google Instant Search returns "mortgage fraud" with your name automatically.  Take for instance our ancient friend, Frank Miale, who, by the way, is still out of jail pending sentencing from wayyyy back to 2009.  Nearly got bumped off in the the process by a very upset defendant who is doing time when this dirt bag was the worst of the bunch and is out there – PREYING ON YOU AND I.  Oh well, better luck next time!  But, I digress.


So did a quick search on Frank and what comes up – some new autoblog sites like,, – you get the thought.  So to make himself appear legitimate, he uses an autoblog plugin to pull someone else's material to really make himself sound intelligent on matters involving real estate, mortgages and business in general. Meanwhile, those houses back in 2009 he flipped (go back and read the archives on how he was working with the DA to make some quick cash) – of course they are in foreclosure.  We knew that was coming – FHA flipping fraud seems to be ok if you are paying off the Manhattan DAs office. Keeps you out of jail too.




Isn't fantastic that he is still out there buying and flipping houses?


Sorry Frankie – we are still watching you and noting everything you do -your sleezy attorney too – Wally Duval.  Saw her close friend and associate Valdas Duoba, Esq. or perhaps I should leave the Esq. off now, got arrested and pled to various mortgage fraud charges. And, poor Mr. Duoba just got hit with more – Suffolk County is keeping very busy. Oh Frank you know Mr. Duoba too right?  He represented many of your buyers – what a coincidence!


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